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Top WordPress Instagram Plugins for Displaying the Interactive Feeds


According to sproutsocial, 80% of Instagram users are known to follow a particular business. Instagram is one of the fast-growing social media platforms that are known for the stronghold that it has on numerous businesses. Starting from fashion to fitness, all the businesses are joining Instagram for displaying the vibrant and bright photographs in order to gain connections that are far beyond other social media networks like Twitter or Facebook. The reason as to why Instagram is considered to be the best tool for the brands is because it is extremely simple and can be used confidently. You do not even need to connect to your computer for posting pictures. Most of the businesses are posting their Instagram photos on their WordPress website as well. There are numerous reasons behind it and it is important that you know all of them.

The Instagram pictures are considered to be vibrant and intriguing in comparison to the regular photos. It is responsible for adding excitement to the brand. Moreover, you will also get the perfect excuse of pushing the user-generated content to the Instagram account. It also helps in increasing the engagement. Given below is a list of the plugins that you should know about if you are deciding to integrate your Instagram account with your WordPress site.

Instagram Feed

This is one of the best plugins because it is insanely simple and you can configure it in a convenient manner. You can display the photos from your Instagram account and also attach multiple accounts if that is your requirement. You can either use the free version or you can pay between 39 to 79 dollars in order to get more features. It helps in increasing the social engagement, saves a lot of time, and constantly keeps the site fresh. You will also not require any knowledge of coding.

  • In order to get the basic plug-in, you will not have to pay any fees. Moreover, numerous features are included in the free version only. You can also opt for the premium version as it is also affordable.
  • You can be assured that your Instagram gallery can be customized easily. You have the freedom of choosing columns, controlling the width, and changing the order of your photos.
  • It is also known to display the follow button for building the follower count on Instagram.

Whether you want it for free or you are willing to try the premium version, you should definitely use this plug-in.

WD Instagram Feed

With the help of this amazing plug-in, you will be able to create an Instagram gallery that is beautiful and mesmerizing. You will come across the interesting effects that include the lightbox with the captions. The free version has various interesting features but if you are interested in opting for the premium version, you will get various extensions as well as built-in tools.

  • This plug-in is known to provide powerful filters as well as emerging tools that will help in creating an ultimate experience of viewing.
  • You can also get the premium version, which is known to start only for 25 dollars.
  • You will also get the option of combining the Instagram feeds from a number of Instagram accounts as well.

WP Instagram Widget

If you do not like downloading plugins that have different kinds of styling included, this plug-in is the ideal one for you. You have the option of customizing by changing the colors, headings, adjusting the sizes, and much more.

  • You are not going to get the preset styling so it depends on you as to how you are going to customize it.
  • This is a lightweight plug-in, which ensures that your website is going to be clean and also free from the clunky plugins.
  • This plug-in is known to function primarily like a widget and hence you have to place your Instagram feed in your sidebar, and it is going to be visible on all the pages within your website.
  • You do not have to connect to Instagram API. You only require the password and username from the Instagram account.
  • You will also get unique caching features, which will allow you to change the timings of caching. This is perfect for ensuring that the site is up to date.

To gain more knowledge, you can visit https://gramblast.com/.

Feed Them Social

With this plug-in, you are going to get both the free as well as the premium versions. The premium version is known to start at $50 for only one site and it is going to go up to almost $200 for the unlimited websites. The most important advantage is that it is capable of displaying feeds from other social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, along with Instagram. However, you are going to get them within your premium version.

  • You will be able to easily pull the pictures from various social media sites.
  • You can be assured that all your social feeds will be responsive and can be adjusted on the various mobile devices.
  • You will also get the sharing buttons for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Instagram Slider Widget

This plug-in is responsible for bringing two of the most popular designs from the vault of Instagram feed. The first and most important one is the widget slider, which is responsible for shrinking all the images and the second one is the widget thumbnail. You also have the option of reaping the benefits from the hashtag feature, that helps in concentrating on only one topic and seeing those pictures.

  • This plug-in is completely free and does not have any premium version.
  • You will not need any access to Instagram API.
  • It also comes with a great feature that helps in linking the photos from your gallery to URLs or attachments or Instagram posts. In this manner, you can also consider linking your sales page or something that is similar to the website.


You can choose from any of these plugins on basis of the requirements that you have. There are numerous other plugins as well but the best have been listed above.

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