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Top Ten Best Push Lawn Mowers 2018, Best Lawn Mower Reviews




Push Lawn Mower

Push Lawn Mower is a modern revolving blade machine being utilized for cutting grass surface up to a certain height. The machine blades are sharped and wheels are connected with blade to push forward. The push lawn mowers are available with powered battery, plugin electric motor or combustion engine in the market.


How to Select Best Push Lawn Mowers

Before making purchase, you need to know the about best push lawn mowers. The best push lawn mowers will be able to cut the grass smoothly. You can purchase and verify the best push lawn mower with following options / qualities.


  • Mower weight is important for cutting grass effectively.
  • Mower height is necessary for cutting grass smoothly.
  • Mower brand and its price is also accountable.
  • Ensure that mower machine will not discharge any pollution dangerous for health and environment.
  • Mower machine should be noised free.
  • Mower machine should be easy to use.
  • Check you pocket, how can you pay for purchase of best push lawn mower.


Let’s have discussed the top ten best lawn mowers 2018:


10. Scotts Reel (2000-20) Mower

The Scotts reel push lawn mower is made with 5 steel sharp blades having 20 inch edge. The machine can cut the thick grass efficiently. The machine is without  noise, easy to use, flexible in adjustment of height and better revolving.

Scotts Reel Push Lawn Mower 2000-20 Inch, top ten best push lawn mowers 2018


9. Husqvarna (HU800AWD) All Wheel Auto Drive Mower

Husqvarna all wheel drive mower auto walk machine is ultimate with high speed of 3 miles per hour. The machine is made of steel body and can easily complete the work. Machine deck can be adjusted in a nine ways on which you like to run. Machine gives a brand car appearance by look and a little bit costly.

Husqvarna All Wheel Drive Mower HU-800AWD, top ten best push lawn mowers 2018


8. Craftsman (37430) Mower

Craftsman push lawn mower is easy to use in terms of height adjustments and other functionality. It can crush the grass with minutes and make the surface smooth. Craftsman push lawn mower machine is much stronger due to its power engine. You can purchase such machine easily due to affordable price.

Craftsman (37430) top ten best push lawn mowers 2018


7. Cordless Electric Toro 20360 Mower

Toro 20360 push lawn mower is a cordless electric machine which does not require any fuel (gas and oil). People enjoy by using such machine due to cordless and easy mobility. You can adjust its height and its battery spent 16 hours approximately.

Cordless Electric Toro 20360, top ten best push lawn mowers 2018

6. Poulan Pro (PR450N20S) Mower

Poulan Pro push lawn mower is suitable for smaller house / area runs with oil and gas. The machine can cut 20 inches grass easily. It performs jobs quickly and great by work efficient. It can create problem sometime due to smaller engine.

Poulan Pro (PR450N20S) top ten best push lawn mowers 2018


5. Electric Greenworks (25022) Mower

Electric Greenworks puch lawn mower is low capacity machine with its engine size. This machine is affordable and works best & quick for small area. You can adjust it in a seven positions. It is available in affordable price.

Electric Greenworks (25022) Mower, top ten best push lawn mowers 2018


4. Lawn Boy (10730) Mower

Lawn Boy 10730 push lawn mower is lightweight and make finest trim of grass. It runs quickly and work smoothly. User can make is adjust according to need.

Lawn Boy (10730) Mower, top ten best push lawn mowers 2018


3. Troy-bilt (TB230) Mower

Troy-bilt TB230 is self propelled push lawn mower wheel drive machine. Wheel size is 11 inches and can move over grass quickly. It is available with affordable prices in the market.

Troy-bilt (TB230) Mower, top ten best push lawn mowers 2018


2. Honda (HRR216VKA) Mower

Honda push lawn mower is worth looking and available with 21 inches blade at affordable cost. The machine runs with gas and cut grass in few minutes. The machine is easy to use, handling, discharging and managing.

Honda (HRR216VKA) Mower, top ten best push lawn mowers 2018


1. Fiskars StaySharp Mower

Fiskars staysharp push lawn mower is a great choice for small yards where there is little bit grass. The machine is friendly in operations, adjustments and use. It pushes grass forward instead of backward.

Fiskars StaySharp Mower, top ten best push lawn mowers 2018



Lawn Mower Reviews

We have discussed the top ten best push lawn mowers 2018 according to cost, size, operations and working.

  • Scotts Reel (2000-20) Mower
  • Husqvarna (HU800AWD) All Wheel Auto Drive Mower
  • Craftsman (37430) Mower
  • Cordless Electric Toro 20360 Mower
  • Poulan Pro (PR450N20S) Mower
  • Electric Greenworks (25022) Mower
  • Lawn Boy (10730) Mower
  • Troy-bilt (TB230) Mower
  • Honda (HRR216VKA) Mower
  • Fiskars StaySharp Mower
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