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Top 10 (Ten) People Who Predicted the Future of the World


1). Leonardo Da Vinci’s – Predictions

Leonardo De Vinci’s was a great scientist, mathematician and a musician people was also accepted him a Prophet that time. Leonardo recorded great views about invention of technologies in his book and also predicted about more new things, happening of technology events in the future in the world.

Leonardo Da Vinci top ten poeple who predicted the future of the world



2). Nostradamus Predicted – Fire of London

Nostradamus was a great legend in the 16th century. Nostradamus was given different prophecies which were happened after his death of them one is most horrible even occurred the great fire of London whereby 70 thousands homes were fired and destroyed.

Nostradamus Predicted The Great Fire of London top ten people who predicted the future of the world



3). Alexis De Tocqueville Predicted – Cold War in 1840

Alexis de Tocqueville was a great french political scientist who published “Democracy in America” in 1840. America was remained independent from last 60 years but divided after civil war in Russia. Now two nations are living with same goal in space technology, nuclear advancement and international influences.

Alexis De Tocqueville top ten people who predicted the future of the world



4). Jules Verne Predicted – On Moon Landing

Jules was another author who predicted the trip on moon in his novel in 19th century. The novel became more famous “from the earth to moon”. Later on 1969, the prophecies of Jules Verne was became true when the mankind first trip on moon.

Jules Verne the moon landing top ten people who predicted the future of the world



5). Mark Twain Predicted – Own Death

Mark Twain was a great American literarian who predicted his own death timing in his autobiography 1909. Mark Twain was born in America and came with different visibility on the earth, his age with 74 years. Mark Twain was a person who presented true prophecies of the future in his life which was become true hereafter death.

Mark Twain Predicted His Own Death top ten people who predicted the future of the world



6). Edgar Cayce Predicted – Wall Street Crash in 1929

Edgar Cayce was a great mystic personality in 19th century whose predicted answer were correct after his death. He predicted the crash of wall street in 1929, the same was happened and his prophecies was became accurate. Thirteen million and above people became unemployed, stock exchange crashed due to wall street incident. Edgar Cayce was also predicted that archaeology will be discovered in 1938 and the same was happened true. Edgar Cayce was died in January 1945 by heart attack.

Edgar Cayce, wall street crashed top ten people who predicted the future of the world



7). Robert Boyle Predicted – Organ Transplants

Robert Boyle was a great scientist and so called the father of modern chemistry. He had the best knowledge of Boyle’s law the behavior of gases. He worked in the field of technology and said the discovery of treatment of transplant decease. Dr. Joseph & Dr. David came true his saying (prophecies) and performed first successful organ transplant. Now organ transplant becomes more costly treatment.

Robert Boyle Predicted - Organ Transplants top ten poeple who predicted the future of the world



8). Nikola Teshla Predicted – WiFi in 1901

Nikola Teshla contributions are well known by every American who worked a lot in the field of power supply system. Nikola Teshla was shared his thoughts in the New York meeting about possibility of wireless message transformation from one person to another in the world. First mobile was created in the 1973 but WiFi was not created. Nikola Teshla dream was came true on 2013, when WiFi is invented and definitely everyone familiar about it.

Nikola Tesla Predicted Wi-Fi top ten people who predicted the future of the world



9). H. G. Wells Predicted – Atomic Bomb

In 1914 the author H.G. Wells predicted that now the second world war would be more dangerous, destruction of multiple cities by atomic bomb.  Many other authors were published this article and shared in different way that time. However, after the prophecies of 28 years, the atomic bomb were invented and were dropped on the Hiroshima & Nagasaki first time who even destroyed the whole country approximately. According to a survey & different bulletins, 250,000 peoples were killed.

H. G. Wells Predicted The Atomic Bomb who predicted the future of the world



10). Morgan Robertson Predicted – Titanic Disaster

Morgan Robertson was a great author¬† who published a novel on the “Titan” sink in the Atlantic Sea after striking with the iceberg that was just imagination but the same were happened true after 14 years when a big ship (Titanic) sank in the sea after colliding with the ice berg in 1912. Most of the people were killed by drowning into the sea and some passenger was successful to save their lives through boat.

Morgan Robertson The Titanic Disaster top ten people who predicted the future of the world

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