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Top 10 (Ten) Best Lipstick Brands and Seller in the World


Cosmetic has now become very vital part of girl’s life and female likes to choice the best brands for use either it is costly or new ones in the market. However, I believe that the best cosmetic articles must be used keeping in mind the care of face beauty. Low or cheap cosmetics brands disturb the face beauty even sometime infected the face skin. Here are below some world’s top ten best brands which are easily available in the market. So let’s discuss them in detail:


1). Chanel – France Brand

Chanel is the most old and famous brand in the world who established in France in 1909. The brand is providing luxury cosmetic goods in the global market according to the needs and trend. if you will use this lipstick then will never use other brand due to its quality. France is a house of cosmetics and renowned in the world for the products. The price of this lipstick starts from 26 dollar.

chanel top ten best lipstick brand in the world

2). Estee Lauder – American Brand

Estee Lauder american based brand deliviring cosmetic products for Skin and Makeup. The brand was established in New York – USA and the minimum cost of the lipstick is 60 dollar. The company is much conscious in terms of providing quality products to the people.

Estee Lauder top ten best lipstick brand in the world

3). Make-up Forever – French Brand

There are numerous products of this brand for Nail, Eyes and Lips. This is French based brand. The lipstick range starts from 20 dollar.

Makeup Forever top ten best lipstick brand in the world

4). Lancôme – France Brand

Lancôme is delivering luxurious beauty products worldwide. The products are absolutely amazing, fine in quality point view. This is France based brand earlier owned by L’Oreal. Lipsticks of this brand are very popular in the world. The cost starts from 27 dollar. The products of this brand are easily available in the online mode. 

Lancôme top ten best lipstick in the world

5). DIOR – France Brand

DIOR brand is providing cosmetic products in the fashion market, the branch established from Paris, France in 1946. Film industry artists are also using this branch products. The cost of lipstick of this brand starts from 35 dollar.

DIOR top ten best lipstick in the world

6). MAC – Canadian Brand

This brand developed in Canada in 1984 which captured the market quickly. MAC is providing a large number of variety of cosmetics in the global market. MAC products give very charming, gorgeous look to the women due to this it is famous. Daraz.pk is also providing online shopping facility for this brand. The lipstick cost starts from 50 dollar.

MAC top ten best lipstick in the world


7). Sonia Kashuk – USA Brand

Sonia Kashuk New York bases brand, established in 1990. The branch is providing many cosmetics products in the world like eyeliner, eyebrow, lip glow, lipstick. The brand is also providing products on offline and online modes. The lipstick brand starts from 50 dollar and above.

Sonia Kashuk top ten best lipstick in the world


8). Bobbi Brown – American Brand

This lipstick brand founded on the name of an artist Bobbi Brown in America which is most popular brand in the world, also easily available in the eastern countries. There are many products of this brand like lipsticks, eyeliner, foundation and other beauty cosmetics. The lipstick cost starts from 34 dollar which is approximately Rs. 2300/- in PAK / India Rupee.

Bobbi Brown top ten best lipstick in the world


9). NARS – France Brand

NARS is one of the best and most expensive selling brand in the world which is mostly used by the artists. NARS is belongs to France who was it established. This brand is producing cosmetics related to the lips and eyes. Lipstick cost starts from 25 dollars.

NARS top ten best lipstick in the world



10). Guerlain – French Brand

Guerlain is an old and famous brand from 190 Years who is producing cosmetic articles. Guerlain was established in 1828 in French and now it is most popular brand all over the world. The company is expert in providing of eyes liner, lipstick and other some articles of cosmetics.  The brand is represented with the sign of flowers on its products. The lipstick cost starts from 50 dollar to 65 thousand dollars.

Guerlain top ten best lipstick in the world

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