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Top 10 Plants in Bangalore and its Care Tips – How to Take Care of Plants


Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is having the fabulous climate and varieties of views to sooth the eyes. This is indeed a destination of India that attracts the people to visit and enjoy the adventure and exhibition. The city is beautiful and so as the gardens are. Someone said it will take you a lifetime to explore Bangalore. The foods are delicious and the air is refreshing.


Here we are going to discuss the top 10 plants that are available in Bangalore, which you must plant to enjoy the joy of nature. This may help you to understand the dependency and needs of human and nature:


  1. Aloe Vera

This plant is really useful that it clears benzene and formaldehyde. This clarification is actually essential as it may be a byproduct of many other toxins like paints, cleaners etc. Apart from this chemical benefits, the plant is very popular for beauty too. Whether it is about the skin or hair, the plant is useful for every perspective. The plant is very useful for health and bones. The pulp is also taken orally to enhance the looks and the sustainability of lives.

Care tips – These plants require the dryness and warmth in every aspect, so you don’t need to pour so much water to grow them. You must irrigate the plants only when you see the pot is dry. Locate the plant nearby the sun lights, the best one is suggested to put it on the window. They don’t need water much but they need plenty of lights and a warm place. Let the soil dry and the roots to settle if you are planting the plant from place to another.


  1. Snake Plant

The plant is also known as ‘mother in law’s tongue’ in really a funny way. The plant is very beneficial in the way it is suitable for bathrooms and all as it filters the formaldehyde out. The formaldehyde is something that is usually found in the body care products. NASA has defined the plant in one of the top listed air purifier plants.  Therefore, you must choose at least one to purify the ambiance of your home and bathroom. This plant is going to be the best boon for your family health.

Care tips – This plant really requires no such care for which you need to worry. Even if you are planning for a trip, you can leave the plant at home without watering them for a long. You can avoid the watering of this plant for the week actually, there will be no harm. One other remarkable tip is that you need to plant it in free-draining soil.


  1. Spider plants

The name of this plant is derived from the unusual and attractive looks. The spider plants are very useful plants as they fight with the formaldehyde, benzene, and many more. These are the unwanted solvents that are usually found printing and rubber industries. The plant has a unique shape, the color, and the shape is really attractive.

Care tips – The plants are easy to propagate even by placing the plantlets whether in soil or in water. The plant may change the color somehow. As it may turn brown and then they again come to their genuine green one. They don’t need much care but the water and light only.


  1. Dracaena

The Dracaena plants are beautiful ones to settle in your home. The plant can achieve the growth up to 12 feet of height. You can control its height by pruning the plant. This will further sprout the new leaves from the beneath of that.

Care tips – You must place the plant nearby the window. The yellow leaves are the symbol of that it needs the water or over watering causes. As it can cover the specific height, therefore you must be very careful by placing it in a place that allows the plant for this height.


  1. Weeping Fig

This plant has a number of leaves and needs a long time to grow. Once when it starts growing, it can touch the 10 feet height too. These plants are actually very sensitive in the sense of its location. The plants are beautiful and very sensitive too. The leaves will start falling for any reason or any up and downs.

Care tips – It is a long-lasting plant but you need to be a little careful in this as you must keep it away from any direct cool and hot air from the doorways. Its growth takes time, but just let it grow in some place that suits its stability.


  1. Indian Basil

This is an Indian plant that is very popular in Hinduism. The popular and common name of this plant is ‘Tulsi’. This plant literally has a number of medical benefits that support human lives. This is an air purifier, which filters the air and embraces the breathing system of the family members.

Care tips – There are no such care tips of this plant as they grow anyhow. You can simply plant it in any normal plant what you just remember that it needs to be irrigated on daily basis. As discussed the Hinduism manner, they pour the water on a daily basis as a part of their prayer.


  1. English Ivy

The English Ivy plants reduce the particles of airborne fecal-matter. The plant is preferred to have inside the home as it filters the air out from the formaldehyde, which is usually found in many cleaning products. The plants are really stylish and they need to be in the sunlight otherwise it might attract the pests.

Care tips – The very important care of the plants that it needs a substantial amount of sunlight. They don’t need the regular watering. Let the soil dry for some time, and then only pour the water into the plant again.  This much care will be enough for your plant to grow.


  1. Areca Palm

The plant is beautiful and useful that it filters out the toluene and xylene from the air. This will be a great thing for your interior décor too. This is effective humidifiers that will serve you in the best way. The plant can ouch the height of 30 feet when you place it outside of the home. If you are placing the plant inside the home or indoor, it will be restricted to 7 feet only.

Care tips – You can put the plant in any small container, and try to place it away from the direct sunlight. You can place it anywhere in the home. The plant needs a sufficient amount of water to grow. The soil must be moist all the time. Let it try a very less amount and then pour water again.


  1. Marigold

Marigolds are the annual plants and they also known as the Tagetes. This blooms almost every time, especially in the winters. There is a wide range of varieties in this specific flower. They are the scented flowers that the people use for decoration and other religious purposes.

Care tips – These plants don’t need much care in spite of watering. They need sunlight and the fertilizers to grow. You must keep the plant in sunlight for its rapid growth.


  1. Hibiscus

These are the plants which are very popular in Indian culture. Hibiscus flowers are having many colors and sizes. Its dry flowers are very useful for many medical perspectives as they are edible enough. These flowers are having religious importance too.

Care tips – Very much similar to the Marigold flowers, they are also very popular and suitable ones to plant at the courtyard of the home. They need sunlight. You need to water the plant on a regular on the timely basis. Don’t let the soil get hard as it may cause the positive growth of your plant and affect the flowers’ beauty too.

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