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Top 10 Marketing Techniques For Building A Successful Brands In Today’s Economy


If you do not make it to the people’s mind, you need to rethink your brand’s marketing strategy. It is not easy to break through the clutter and make yourself visible. It requires creativity amongst all other things. But more importantly, it asks of you, as a brand, to learn the tricks of the trade. Keeping your target audiences in mind and catering to their specific needs is just of the many tips that you should act upon. You should give your customers a feeling that they and their opinion is valued. Therefore, from your website to your customer service reps, all should provide the customers with a one of its kind experience. Personally, verizon near me reps always leave me speechless with their courteous nature.

Talking about customer experience, following are some of the marketing techniques that would help you build a successful brand.


You would never say anything negative about yourself, will you? Especially not in front of others. Even if you are aware of your flaws, you will never highlight them in front of others. However, whatever positive things you say about yourself, they won’t attract others. Unless the same words of praise about you are coming from someone else’s mouth. Therefore, aim to build a community of ambassadors for your brand. These ambassadors will speak well about your brand. And that will influence people’s buying decision towards your products.

Value for Others

It’s not about what you say but how you make the people feel. No one will remember what you said to him but the feeling that your brand gave to a person will instill in his mind. Therefore, it is necessary that you create a relationship of trust with your target audience as well as your existing customers. People should get the message of genuineness when they use your products. If you offer a unique experience to your customers, they will return to you. Perhaps they will become loyal customers to your brand as well. Hence, create value for people.

Specific Niche

Do not confuse your target audience by giving them a signal that you are an expert in multiple things. You know the ‘jack of all, master of none’ feels. You do not want to convey a muddy message like that to your viewers. Be very specific when it comes to your products or the services that you provide. Specify the niche that you are catering to.

Consistency is the Key

When your brand offers a product or a service to an individual, it is actually promising to provide an experience. Obviously, you would want to provide the best experience to your customers. However, the key here is to provide an experience that does not change with time. Because building trust amongst your customers is very hard. But once built, a customer will stay loyal to your brand unless you provide him with a bad experience. Therefore, never compromise on the quality of your product or service. And always deliver what you have promised the customers. Stay consistent.

Branding is not Positioning

A common misconception that exists between masses is that branding is the way you position yourself in the market. Your brand is the total of how people experience you. Yes, the messages that you convey through your campaigns are important but do not underestimate the power of providing people with the ‘wow’ factor every time they have an encounter with your brand. However, after that encounter, the customers should feel better about themselves as well and not just your brand.

The Intersection Point

A successful brand will keep in mind to have an intersection between what it offers (things you are good at) and what the customers need. Because clearly, doing something that you enjoy but which no one asked you to is a mere hobby. And hobbies can be or cannot be branded. It varies from situation to situation.

Authenticity is the Key

Don’t try to imitate others and do something that does not reflect your authenticity. Be original. Do whatever you are good (or bad) at an let the audience decide. If you try to be someone that you are not, you will only fail in the process. For that, it is also important that your online visual representation matches your offline one. That is people feel the same about you when they meet you as they do when they see you online.

Social Media is the Guru

If you think your brand can exist without its presence on social media, think again. Social media’s where all the magic’s happening at. In fact, some businesses have been built solely through their social media presence. These businesses only operate online. They have a virtual existence. And they continue to please people. You won’t find a single physical store for these companies but they are doing so good for themselves. Hence, make a social media presence.

Facebook Ads

Use Facebook ads with re-targeting. With Facebook, you get the privilege to target and reach the specific audience. It is very easy to do so. You can classify your audience based on their age, interest, relationship status, and other demographics. However, the hard part here is to get people to convert and not just click through your ads. You can do that through Pixels.

What Makes Your Heart Pound?

Ask yourself a question. When you are telling about yourself to other people, what makes your heart pound? What is it that you keep saying about yourself over and over again? Once you figure that out, you have indeed discovered your message. This message is what your brand will become.

Apart from that, you will have to accept changes and adapt accordingly in order to cater to the varied demands of people. Staying in touch with your customers is also crucial. Not to forget the good customer service that you should aim to provide them as well. In my lifetime one of the best reps that I have talked to were of AT&T Customer service. Courteous and knowledgeable, just the way they should be. However, if you still feel that your brand is not performing well, you can always outsource the work to a well-reputed marketing agency. It will take care of everything.

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