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Top 10 Health Benefits of Apple, Apple Benefits for Pregnancy, Skin, Hair, Weight Loss, Heart, Kidney, Stomach, Apple Vitamins, Apple Calories


Top 10 Health Benefits of Apple

Human beings are one of the best creation of entire universe and we are blessed with amazing diet. There are many fruits in this world but can you imagine? Apple is one of the best fruits.

I think apple is available in all seasons. Human body should consume apple daily and It should be eaten as a meal.

Well, As you know that every fruit has it’s own benefit and advantages so I’m today here to discuss about the benefits of apple, I must say that you will be inspired.

Here are some benefits of Apple;

AppleĀ Benefits

Apple is Full of Nutrition

Apples are rich in nutrition and you can say that If your body needs nutrition then instead of any medication you should consume apple on daily basis.

There is one common issue in our folks and that is before eating apple and they used to remove apple’s skin and which isn’t good because scientists reveal that half of fiber and polyphenols is present in apple’s skin.


Apple Promotes Weight Loss

Do you know? Apple is highly beneficial because of two natural ingredients and that are fiber and water, because of these two good properties apple is one of the best fruits for weight loss.

“An experimental activity was done some years back, a person ate apple slice and on the next day similar person ate meal and you know what person felt fuller by eating apple.”

“A 50 years old woman ate apple of same calories and nutrition a woman ate another thing and the woman who ate apple lost her weight around 1-2kg”.

Furthermore, because of natural ingredients, apple promotes weight loss.


Apple Improves Heart Health

Are you suffering from heart disease? Cholesterol is the big issue in heart problem and due to cholesterol heart problem is being increased so in that case your body should consume apple on daily basis because It prevents your body to increase cholesterol because apple contains fiber and through fiber your heart health improves day by day.

Do you know that apple contains polyphenols and antioxidants which are comparatively available in apple’s skin and make sure before eating don’t remove the skin of apple and It is more beneficial for you and your health.

Due to large intake of salt many patients are fighting with stroke problem, In that case apple can prevent stroke and can improve their health from 20-50%.


Apple Prevents From Diabetes

Are you fighting with diabetes? You don’t have to worry about, Even if you eat apple once a day you’ll find your good health within a week. I think apple is the best diet for diabetes patient.

There are many scientists and after their experiments they are insisting folks to eat apple because It has high amount of fiber and water which controls our body activities.


Apple Prevents From Cancer

Are you scared of cancer? I can understand about the pain you are facing in this condition but I assure you that after eating apple once a day you’re not gonna die and it doesn’t matter on which stage you are. Just make a proper timetable and add apple in your life as a meal then see how your life will be changed in a positive way.

Scientists showed that risk of death in cancer are low because of intake of apple fruit.

Additional Benefits of Apple

  • Asthma can be prevented from eating apple.
  • Apples are beneficial for bone health.
  • Your stomach injury can be protected by apple from NSAIDs.
  • Apple contains antioxidants which assist to protect your brain in old age.

Apple Vitamins

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2, B6
  • Vitamin c

Apple Calories:

Apple contains 52 calories.

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