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How to Take a Screenshot on Laptop? Practical Ways to Take Screenshot on Laptop & Computer



How to Screenshot or often also referred to as Screen Capture on Laptop or Computer is just the same, because the difference between the two gadgets is only physical, where laptops are slim and can be mobile, while Computers have sizes that are many times larger than laptops and can only silent in the corner of the room. 1
Talk about How to Take Screenshot on Laptop and Computer, where if we are browsing there really are a lot of ways that we can use it can be by using the Light Shot application, Capture Webpage Screenshot or the most practical and is to use the Prt Scr button.

But unfortunately if we take screenshots using the Prt Scr button then the screenshot will only be visible to the screen, so when we open the web and it turns out that the web has a height or height above 2000px, practically we will not be able to screens the entire contents of the web if we use the Prt Scr button. And the solution to this problem is to use an application or rather a Fire Shot add-on, Capture Webpage Screenshot.

I will explain one by one how to take screenshots with these two methods.


Beforehand make sure on your laptop there is a Print Screen button, Print Scrn, Prt Sc, Prt Sc or Sc. If it’s already there, let’s go into the first discussion, which is the most practical way to take screenshots using the button.


The Preentscreen button has many names, for example, if on Asus it’s called Prt Sc SysRq and my keyboard Sturdy is named Prt Scr. It is only different in naming, but for the same function, namely to capture the screen of our laptop or computer.

To take a screenshot using this button is actually quite simple, following the steps.

  1. Highlight the image you want to screenshot

How to Take a Screenshot with the Prt Sc Button (Fig. 1)

  1. Here I take the example of going to do a screenshot of the word ‘How to Screenshot Learning SEO’
  2. Press the Prt Sc / Prt Scr button

How to Take a Screenshot with the Prt Sc Button (Fig. 2)

  1. The PrintScreen button is usually located in the upper right corner of the keyboard.
  2. Open the Paint application

How to Take a Screenshot with the Prt Sc Button (Fig. 3)

  1. Wait until the application opens perfectly
  2. Press CTRL + V

How to Take a Screenshot with the Prt Sc Button (Fig. 4)

  1. The screenshot is ready, but because I want to focus on the word ‘How to Screenshot …’ then I use the Crop Tool to cut out unnecessary parts

It should be noted that you cannot take two screenshots at a time, which means that you must always go back and forth on the web and paint, on the web to press the Prt Sc button and then Paint to paste and save the images that we have screenshots earlier, and then we go back to the web to find the image that will be screenshot, then to Paint, and so on.


Capture Webpage Screenshot is an Add-On created by Fireshot. And as I explained above, the disadvantage of taking screenshots using the Prt Sc button is that you can only take screenshots of what appears on the screen. The solution to this problem is to ‘request’ help from Capture Webpage Screenshot. And the following tutorial uses it specifically for you loyal visitors to this blog.

  1. Please visit the Google Web Store

How to Take Screenshot with Fireshot (Fig. 1)

  1. If you have arrived at the Web Store, you can search for the add-on by typing Capture Webpage Screenshot
  2. Click Available on Chrome

How to take screenshots with Fireshot (Fig. 2)

  1. I forgot what the exact words are, it looks like it isn’t Available on Chrome, and the color isn’t blue but green, but what you definitely click on is the part I marked
  2. Open the Web you want to Full Screenshot

How to Take Screenshot with Fireshot (Fig. 3)

  1. I take the example here, I will take a full screenshot of one page on my web, it is clear from the screenshot above that I only use Prt Sc, where the bottom (bottom) screen is not included in the screenshot. Fireshot screenshot
  2. Click Capture Entire Page and Save

How to take screenshots with Fireshot (Fig. 4)

  1. Hover over the Capture Webpage logo in the upper right corner, then please And click ‘Capture Entire Page and Save’ and later you will be asked to name the screenshot
  2. Results Become Screenshot 1 Full Page

How to Take a Screenshot with Fireshot (Fig. 5)

  1. If the results are the same as the picture above, then you can be sure you have successfully used Capture Webpage Screenshot, congratulations

Second, How to Take a Screenshot on a Laptop & Computer that I mentioned above, you can try to screenshot the web page, the page extends down. But unfortunately, because Capture Webpage Screenshot is an Add-On for Google Chrome, it can only be used on Google products, and I also don’t really know if it’s also available on Mozilla FireFox.

In addition to taking screenshots on Laptop and Computer, maybe you will also be confused about  How to take a screenshot on windows laptop You. I admit taking screenshots of Android with OS Android 4.0 down or under ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) is quite difficult, it even seems to have to be rooted, but if your Handheld / Android Smartphone has OS 4.0 or above, then simply pressing the Power + Volume Button Down.

That’s just a quick tip from me about the Practical Ways to Take Screenshot on Laptop & Computer and above I have also given a bonus. I can take screenshots on an Android smartphone. I hope this article can be useful for those of you who need it.

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