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How to Prepare for Camping Trip for the First Time?


Camping is great fun, and one of the best ways to spend time with family away from the populated cities. However, camping is not easy as it takes a lot of preparation and precautions to consider before leaving for a memorable trip.

There are many risks associated with camping tours such as the risk of inadequate food, water, the risk of harsh weather and wild animals. Therefore, if you are planning for a camping trip for the first time, you need to consider a lot of things and do the necessary preparation.

Let us read, how to plan for camping, things to consider and accessories to pack before leaving for a camping trip.

Decide which whom you will be campingcamping trip

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There are usually two possibilities for the first time campers. Either you will decide to go camping with your family or with your friends or colleagues.  The preparation of your camping trip depends on with whom you are going. For example, if you are going with your family, you need to prepare your kids for the trip.

Make sure you have accidental insurance

The camping and hiking sites are usually away from the cities, and the terrains are difficult. They are full of risks, and any person can get injured while camping. It is essential that every person who goes camping should have accidental insurance.

Decide the duration of your trip

Decide how many days you want to spend on the camping. You need to make the preparations according to the duration of your trip.  Also, you will be packing the quantity of food, snacks, water, and other things according to the number of days of your trip.

Number of members

The number of people who will be going with you is also important as the things you need to carry, depend on it. You need to carry enough food, cooking essentials, tent, water and sleeping bags, etc. according to the number of family members or friends going for camping.

Create a list of packing essentials

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Create a list of all the things you need to carry on your camping trip. The list should include all the basic and life-saving accessories such as cooking essentials, food, water, camping knife, camping gas cooker, tent, tarp, flashlight, water filter, clothing, and a first aid kit. The list may go up to 30 items that you will need for camping.

Often the first time campers forget to carry many essential things that put them in trouble when they need those items on the camping sites. Creating a list ensures you pack all the necessary things in your bag. Some things like camping knife, maps, compass, and first aid kit can save life on the wild territories.

Pack all the things in a backpack

You need to purchase a large backpack if you don’t have one to pack all the essential items and camping gear. Make sure you buy a waterproof backpack for packing your gear. If you already have a backpack, you can make it waterproof by putting inside a garbage bag of appropriate size. The garbage bag will protect your items, even if your bag gets wet in the rain.

Group together like items

Nobody wants to look into their bag for minutes to find a single item. For example, you want to look for an extra battery for your flashlight. If you don’t know where you packed it in your bag, it might take 10 minutes to search in the bag. Therefore, it is better to group the same items to make them easy to find when you need them. Pack the emergency items such as knife and flashlight in the external pockets of your bag.

Pack enough food and water

You should pack enough amount of food like raw vegetables, snacks, frozen food, milk powder, and snacks to feed all the members three times a day. Don’t forget to carry the cooking essentials like utensils, pan, camping gas cooker and stove to prepare the food. Also, take enough water and a portable water filter to drink water from streams and river if required.

Check everything before leaving

After preparing everything for your camp, check all the items, your vehicle, fuel in the car, clothing, survival gear and weather before leaving for your trip. Also, check the latest news about the location and camping site where you are going to ensure that everything is well. Make sure you have all the phone numbers or emergency services.

Final Words

Camping and hiking trips are great fun when you plan and prepare well for them. In addition, you must carry a digital camera to capture the moments of your camping trip. Following the above steps can help any family or group of friends to prepare for camping trip to make it memorable.

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