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Is Personality Test that Important for Recruiters?


Where in the past only resumes, general questionnaire  and personal interview used to be there in businesses at the time of recruitment or promotion; today the scene has changed three sixty degree. Certainly, companies are towards embracing more holistic approach. A lot of importance is given to the overall personality of the employees. It is no longer just about skills or knowledge but also about overall personality and attributes.

Employers have started using tests like online personality test to ensure they are making the right decisions.  They use such types of tests for a number of reasons.  These are commonly conducted to evaluate job candidates to find the finest fit for the opportunity. Interviewing, Screening, and hiring applicants can be a challenging and resource-heavy process. Employers have admittance to relatively tiny information on candidates, and characteristically spend just a couple of hours with them before making any type of offers. Any extra information on potential employees can assist in the decision-making procedure. Employers might also measure current employees, so they can bolster their individual strengths and form effective teams

On the other hand, these employees personality tests might seem to be a bit out-dated, but in the present day world, where the number of job candidate far overshadows the number of openings, more and more business owners are turning towards  personality tests to find out if potential and present employees are right for their business.

So what is the reason that you should turn to personality tests?  Well, in the recent years, IQ (intelligence quotient) tests have been found to be as limited in their measurement of emotional qualities in an individual that you all know is vital in the workplace.   Though personality tests might bring something more to the interview and allow the employers to find out something additional about the interviewee than the old time questions like “What are your weaknesses and strengths?” it is really important for business owners to remember not to make use of personality tests as the only instrument for selection. Personality tests characteristically measure five personality dimensions in a candidate and these are like emotional stability, extroversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and openness to experience, though body language, previous experience, tone of voice and future goals should all be taken into consideration throughout the application procedure and interview.

Advantages of personality test

There are many reasons that companies and employers are using personality tests. They want to be sure about the candidates they recruit and employees they promote. Perhaps, it is the reason that this test is becoming an integral part of many businesses no matter multi-national ones or the SMEs.  Following are a few quick advantages of personality test.

  • In case taken before an interview, personality tests are helpful in narrowing the assortment of candidates, as it gives a vision into the characters of all the candidates and help the recruiters or employers decide which respondents should be called for an interview.
  • It is tests that can also help in assisting managers decide which questions they must ask the applicant when they do come for an interview.
  • With only having a restricted amount of time in the interview, candidate skills and capabilities can often be ignored on a CV or face-to-face, however a personality test caters a profounder insight into how a specific candidate might fit into work culture of that business.
  • There is mostly a lower turnover of staff inside a company if applicants have characters similar to the rest of the workforce.
  • Personality tests generally detect interpersonal characteristics that might be needed for some jobs.

Increased employee involvement

With a personality assessment, employees or staff members can gain a factual, holistic viewpoint of which they really are, how they work and how they fit properly into the culture of the team or the business.  Involvement goes up as organizations knows about the uniqueness that every single person brings based on their own thinking and behavioral propensities.

Firmer team dynamics

To use personality assessments in the workplace and with complete teams cater a superior window to view team roles, communication, responsibilities, and conflict.  Cognitively different teams can understand how every single member brings a distinctive and valued perspective to the table. Cognitively similar teams can know about the need to exploit on their strengths and find manner to overcome areas they might lack.

Enhanced productivity

Businesses who use assessments to their utmost potential will make sure that  learning and individual preferences are associated with goals, business objectives, and of course overall performance management metrics. It would happen because once you take personal objectives and know about an employee’s personality, it would provide a fresh way to view his/her aims and can help to form an individualized plan to fulfill them.

Online tests make it quicker

If you go for a personality test that is conducted through online means, you would not have to do much. You just have to pick a test tool that is as per the needs of your organization and simply execute it. If you think you would have to train your recruiters to carry out the test then you are missing the point. The tests are all inclusive and you would not have to get into the depths. You just have to run it as it is and you are good to go.

You get an unbiased view point

Certainly many people thing that leaders or recruiters sometimes do favoritism. Well, that is not the scene. Once you have personality tests, the recruiters would have no role to play. Everything would get performed as per the test.   Every employee or candidate has to go through the same set of questions or conditions to pass the personality test. In this way there remains transparency and no room for any type of partiality.


So, having a personality test in your recruitment program or otherwise can underpin your growth.  You can get the filtered candidates for your organization or employees for promotion who are worth having.

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