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How to Get Rid of Your Wrecked Car?


Selling or getting rid of a wrecked vehicle is more than a headache. It is difficult to sell it as nobody wants to buy a wrecked car.  So what can people do if they have a damaged car in their garage? They can neither sell it nor offer it to a friend or relative for free.

The wrecked cars occupy space in your home, and they become more damaged if not removed from the area. There are many ways using which you can get rid of a wrecked car that is declared totalled by the insurance company. Let us check the most relevant ways to sell a totalled car in Melbourne.

Take the insurance moneywrecked car for sale


Once the insurance company declares a car totalled, it comes up with an amount that is usually equal to the car’s value before the accident. They deduct any deductible from that amount and offer the rest amount to the owner of the vehicle.

Before accepting the check from your car insurance company, you should do your research to check whether they are offering fair compensation or not. If the proposed amount is near the actual value of the car, you can accept it, if not; you should look for other options.

Repair it before selling

If your car is repairable, then you can repair it to bring it in a drivable and sellable condition. However, you don’t need to spend a high amount if it is more than ten years old. You cannot get good value for too old cars in Melbourne. However, you need to spend a decent amount of money to bring it into a drivable condition. Now there are various ways to sell your wrecked car.

Sell it privately

There are various ways to sell your car privately. You can give an advertisement to inform the potential buyers who want to buy a used car. Many websites and mobile apps that allow you to post free ads to sell your car.

You need to post clear images and write a description to tell the main features like make, model, and condition of the car. However, you should be ready to receive the calls from buyers and be available for a test drive.

U-Pull-It Salvage Yardswrecked car value


If you don’t want to repair your car or sell it privately, you can sell it to the U-Pull-It salvage yards in Melbourne. The salvage yards disassemble the car and sell its parts to the consumers at a discounted price. The U-Pull-It salvage yards offer you the value according to the weight of the vehicle. The benefit of selling it to these parties is that if the metal market is good, you get a good value for your wrecked car. However, this option is good only for the old vehicles, as they don’t offer you a good value for the new models.

Full-Service Salvage Yards

The full-service salvage yards also dismantle the car, drain the fluids and sell its parts, but not to consumers. They sell its components to the garages, body shops, and dealerships. They also offer the removing, cleaning services and warranty for the parts. The advantage of selling to a full-service salvage yard is that the full-service yards provide higher value for your car than the U-Pull-It yards.

Towing companies

Some towing companies can buy your wrecked car and resell it to the salvage yards or auctions. If you have a car that is not repairable, then selling it to a towing company is the best option to get cash for wrecked car Melbourne. However, the towing companies offer you a very less amount for the damaged car. It is best to sell a car to these companies if it is not repairable or you don’t want to spend your time and effort looking for other options.

Sell its parts

Selling the parts of their car is the option for those who don’t want to spend on repairing the car and want a good value for the same. You can consult a local mechanic or repair service and ask them to disassemble your vehicle. You can ask them to buy the parts that are in good condition if they offer a decent price for them.

Moreover, you can sell it to local garages and repair services for a price you want. Another option available is to sell them on websites that offer you to sell used car parts. However, the end users negotiate on price, but many people can buy the parts of your car.

Final Words

Selling a wrecked car takes some time. You need to choose the best option depending on the condition of your vehicle. Considering the above-given ways to sell a wrecked car, people can easily select the best option to get the best value for their car.

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