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How to Get Birth Control? Birth Control Methods, Birth Control Types, Birth Control Options, Birth Control Implant


How Can i Get Birth Control

Birth control can be possible from pills, condoms or medical centers. You can get condoms, pills from the store and sometimes you get free condoms or pills from family planning health centers. Condoms and pills is the way to get control the birth. People who don’t wish to get birth control, are require not to use these methods.

There are some other kinds of birth control methods like pill, ring, patch, shot, implant, hormonal IUD and condoms. Everyone use these birth control types after some time in life.

Therefore, you need to consult with the doctor for birth control. Once doctor review your physical health and suggest the best method of birth control. The doctor require sometimes several questions for the same.

  • Your doctor or consultant ask about your medical history in the recent past and do pelvic exam. Check your blood pressure and suggest don’t need to.
  • Your doctor or consultant ask about your sexual life; when you had sex, what type of position and how many people have intercourse with you, before birth control. Doctor is conscious about your healthy life.
  • Your doctor or consultant ask about you; what kind of method use for birth control. The doctor recommend the best way of birth control.

Birth Control Methods

Millions of people are using different birth control methods as of to-date. There are various birth control types that will help you to make the right decision.

  • Birth Control Implant
  • IUD
  • Birth Control Shot
  • Birth Control Ring
  • Birth Control Patch
  • Birth Control Pill
  • Condom
  • Female Condom
  • Diaphragm
  • Birth Control Sponge
  • Cervical Cap
  • Spermicide
  • Pull Out Method
  • Breastfeeding as Birth Control
  • Outercourse and Abstinence
  • Sterilization
  • Vasectomy


Birth Control Implant

Birth control implant is one the little, thin rod size of matchstick. This matchstick releases hormones into the body that prevent from pregnancy. Your doctor or consultant insert the stick into your arm. Implant protects the pregnancy for four years. Birth Control Implant


IUD stands for Intrauterine Device a small “T” shape in flexible plastic. Your doctor or consultant insert the device into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. This device uses for long term birth control and this is the most effective method of birth control.   IUD, Intrauterine Device

Birth Control Shot

This is the way in which you get the injection from doctor after three months. It is the safe and best method that helps to control birth. Birth Control Shot

Birth Control Ring

It is the safe and reliable birth control method that you insert (wear) inside your uterus. Birth control ring releases hormones into your body and prevent from pregnancy. Birth control vaginal rings is in small and flexible. Birth Control Ring, Birth Control Vaginal Ring

Birth Control Patch

Another type of birth control, a patch paste on the skin of your arm, belly, back or butt. It is a safe and simple method that prevents from pregnancy. You need to replace the birth control patch after three weeks. The patch releases hormones into your body that restricts the baby birth. Birth Control Patch

Birth Control Pill

It is the kind of medicine that you take to prevent from pregnancy on time. Pills are safe and affordable way that has a lot of benefits besides preventing from pregnancy. Birth Control Pill


Condom is the great protection from pregnancy that wear on the cock during intercourse. It is made of plastic rubber contains lubricant. It is thin, flexible and collect semen during cum. condom

Female Condom

Female insert the condom inside the uterus to prevent from pregnancy. It is also called inside condom. This is only use for female. Female condom stops the sperm from reaching an egg. Female Condom


Female put inside diaphragm in the uterus during intercourse to prevent from pregnancy. Diaphragm is bendable cup shape made of soft silicone. It is use to cover the cervix. Diaphragm

Birth Control Sponge 

The sponge is made of soft plastic, round shape and small. Female put inside deep in the uterus before intercourse. The sponge stops the sperm and prevents from pregnancy. It is easier to put inside and take out. Birth Control Sponge

Cervical Cap

Cervical cap shape is similar to a cup, made of soft silicone. Female put this cervical cap into the uterus before intercourse. This cap stops the sperm to join with an egg. It is use to insert with cream that kills the sperm and prevent from pregnancy. Cervical Cap


Spermicide is cream that put inside in the uterus before sex. The cream kills all sperm and not join with egg. This chemical prevents from pregnancy.Spermicide

Pull Out Method

This is a nature, simple and effective method to control birth. Male pull out from female fridge and cum. Sperm do not reach inside the uterus and prevent from pregnancy.

Breastfeeding as Birth Control

Breastfeeding is healthy way to feed baby but may be used for birth control. You need to breastfeed six hours daily. Your body naturally stops the ovulating. Female can not get pregnant if they do not ovulate.

Outercourse and Abstinence

This is mean you use different things to satisfy your desire. Almost many people use abstinence for birth control and own desire. People make romance from other ways that birth controls.


Sterilization is the process in which female tied their tubes. It is a safe and effective procedure that prevents pregnancy permanently. Female can not be pregnant by this method again. Usually female adopt this method when she do not need of baby in future.


This is the male sterilization. Your doctor or consultant cut the tubes that carry sperms. It is surgical method that prevents from pregnancy.

How to get the birth control in a nature way. You can use these methods to get birth control.

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