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First Bank | First News Come | Bank Alfalah Limited of Sale


The President of the Bank Alfalah Limited has reflected response against news of Bank Alfalah for Sale.


He shared that:

There have been some unfounded stories in the press lately about Bank Alfalah Limited being for Sale or Sold spreading in Pakistan. These news publications and spreading from public are not authentic. Even there is no steps taken to the owners and management of the Bank Alfalah for the sale.


I would like to share that Bank Alfalah Limited is fast growing bank since 1997 and continue to do so. The bank is moving towards expansion in Digital Network in Pakistan. The bank is investing huge money on our employees and technology as well as to ourĀ  branch and services.


Pakistan has always been the country where rumors are often observed from time to time for any large business. Bank Alfalah is most attractive candidate for such rumors because of their growth, business, potential and plans.


Such rumors are fake if any member confirm the genuineness then provide the media, press report, statement given by our BOD – Board of Directors. We have a big leader in the banking industry in Pakistan and owes that Bank Alfalah Operations will not close.


Moreover, i would like to share that Bank sale is not a little process which will complete within a short spam of time. Bank Alfalah is still there in Pakistan, not going anywhere.


I would give assurance to all employees and stakeholder to continue your efforts and business will the Bank Alfalah as have always been. Bank Alfalah has given excellent results in 1st Quarter 2018.


In the end:

I would request all employees remain focus on their mission that we have set for ourselves to rise on the top of the banking industry in the Pakistan.


Say Thanks everyone to continue on THE WAY FORWARD to success without disruption and distraction.


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