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Facebook Stock Market has Increased Risk, Facebook Stock Risk


Although Facebook is still a long term investment but Today Facebook Inc. (NASDAC:FB) has shown the risk attached to the stock market increased. Facebook has already been a gain product and i recommend investors to buy the stock immediately. The stock market will rise at the beginning of April and the share will touch share price $200.


Facebook news today shared that FB Stock price is $159 from maximum value $194 so there is no need to discourage the investor to buy and sell the share.


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The chart shows the damage in share value of stock but market specialist predicted the substantial rise in the facebook share price. Facebook hovers three basic risks for decline in facebook share price.


  • Reputational Risk
  • Earning Pressure
  • Facebook Outside


Reputational Risk

Facebook face a threat in terms of bad contents and fake news in the social media in the United States that was used during US presidential election. However, Mark Zuckerberg has set of goals to overcome these issues in 2018 that may give reputational loss to the facebook.


Presently facebook legging 1.8 Billion active users in the world and facebook is much active to remove bad contents, posts.


Earning Pressure

It is another challenge for Facebook earning growth seems decline in 2018. But facebook is continuously making efforts to maintain earning growth this year. Facebook has plenty of options and innovations in the social media which shall appear soon in 2018.


Facebook Outside

Instagram has recently presented a substantial 10% growth in the users which is also a risk indicator for decline users growth in facebook outside. Mark Zuckerberg and his management team is continuously working this project to bring growth in the Users out side the country and will be shown soon.


According to dow jones stock market, facebook incorporation is engage in the social media development enabling to contact people through cellular and computer devices to the share the news ideas and opinion. It includes the facebook, whatsapp, instagram and oculus.


Today, i share my feeling that facebook stock risk is not so fearful as we are expecting in future. Facebook stock risk will eliminate in the market soon and facebook share price will rise gradually.

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