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What is Breast Cancer? Breast Cancer Causes, Breast Cancer Symptoms, Breast Cancer Stages and Breast Cancer Types



What is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is caused by the growth of abnormal cells and tumors. Have you ever heard about tumor? Let me tell you! The tumor is the combination of multiple abnormal cells. Basically the abnormal cells become out of control in the breast, they form tumors which develop breast cancer. Under this article we shall read about what is breast cancer and its causes, symptoms and type.

Do you know? Breast has three parts, lobules glands, ducts and connective tissues.

⦁ Lobules glands assist your breast to produce milk.

⦁ Ducts are the tubes which carry milk to the nipples.

⦁ Connective tissue are the tissues which combine everything.

Breast cancer can spread anywhere, there isn’t any specific part. If I talk about common cases then probably you’ll find patients who are victim of breast cancer only because of the availability of tumors in their lobules and ducts.

If you’re thinking that breast cancer is limited from the other parts of body then you’re getting wrong, because through blood vessels and lymph vessels the cancer comes out of the breast and it can be the reason of sudden death.

Probably some folks think that it is only caused in women not in men, this isn’t a fact. I know it is common in women, but men are also victim of breast cancer. It needs to be treated well on time. Mostly the patient dies due to the illiteracy.

Breast Cancer Causes

There are several causes of breast cancer, but they are not clear yet. The doctor says that breast cancer probably causes due to the hormonal and environmental factors but if you see the other side of lifestyle then you’ll find those patients who are very conscious about their environment and they aren’t involved in genetic makeup but still they die due to the breast cancer.

The main cause of breast cancer is the faster and larger division of abnormal cells in the breast.

Well, I’ve to tell you about the basic risks:

Excessive Intake of Alcohol:

Don’t you think? Alcohol isn’t a good think for our life. The excessive intake of alcohol can cause breast cancer which is the most common reason of death. You should avoid alcohol if you really want to prevent yourself from breast cancer.


Pregnancy at older age can be the cause of breast cancer. If a girl becomes pregnant first time after the age of 34 then it can cause breast cancer not in all cases but it happens.

If you’re avoiding pregnancy then you’re doing wrong with your health. Yes! If you’re a girl and you don’t want to become pregnant then it can be the reason of breast cancer in the future.


If a girl had her first period before the age of 12 then it can be the cause of breast cancer.

There are some symptoms which can aware you before the cause of breast cancer:

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Are you worried about breast cancer? Well if you face some of following symptoms, you should go to your doctor as soon as possible.

⦁ Pain in breasts

⦁ Red, pale skin over your breast

⦁ Swelling in parts of your breast

⦁ Discharge of blood from your nipples

⦁ Change in the shape or size of your breast

⦁ Skin appearances changes on your breasts

⦁ Swelling under your arm

Breast Cancer Stages

Are you diagnosed with breast cancer? Do you want to know how bad it is? So let me tell you that there are four stages of breast cancers which are as follows.

Stage 1

Stage 1 breast cancer means that cancer exist in the tissue with small quantity, may be found in lymph nodes.

This kind of breast cancer has classified into two groups.

Stage 1A

The stage 1A means that the tumor is 2 cm and has not spread outside the breast.

Stage 1B

If you have Stage 1B breasts cancer it means that breast cancer cells are found in the lymph nodes which are close to the breast and no tumor is found in the breast and breast tumor is 2cm or smaller.

Stage 2

This breast cancer means that the cancer is either in the breast or in the nearby lymph nodes or both.

Stage 3

Stage 3 means that the cancer has spread from the breast to lymph nodes or to the skin of the breast or to the chest wall.

Stage 4

This cancer means that that it has spread in the other parts of the body. It is also called advanced cancer. In this stage, tumor size may be varies, cancer cells may be contain in lymph nodes and cancer may spread in other parts of the body.

Breast Cancer Types.

Breast cancer are mainly classified in to two types.

⦁ Noninvasive Breasts Cancers

⦁ Invasive Breasts Cancers

Noninvasive Breasts Cancer

As I described above the parts of breasts. This type mainly spread in two parts milk ducts or lobules in the breasts. They are not concerned with the tissues. Now let me explain about types of noninvasive breast cancer. Noninvasive breast cancer are mainly classified in to two types which are as follows.

⦁ Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

⦁ Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)

Do you know what does it meant by, “Carcinoma in situ”? The Carcinoma meaning “cancer” and the in situ meaning “in the original place.”

Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

DCIS distorts lobules into ductile spaces.DCIS starts in the milk ducts of the breast and have no danger of spreading into any surrounding breast tissue. They are not life-threatening, but having DCIS can increase the risk of developing an invasive breast cancer later in life.

Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)

LCIS usually expands, involved lobules. As the name invasive suggests it does not grow in healthy surroundings tissues. Actually lobular means that abnormal cells start growing in lobules which are milk producing glands. Like DCIS they also indicate developing of breast cancer later on life.

Invasive Breasts Cancer

Invasive cancer is growing in the normal and healthy breast tissue. They are classified into many types which are as follows.

  • Tubular Carcinoma of the Breast
  • Medullary Carcinoma of the Breast
  • Papillary Carcinoma of the Breast
  • Cribriform Carcinoma of the Breast

Tubular Carcinoma of the Breast

They are usually small about 1 cm and made up of tube-shaped structures called “tubules.” Their cells look to be normal, and they slowly grow.

Medullary Carcinoma of the Breast

It is a rare subtype of invasive ductal carcinoma, its spreading ratio is 3% to 5%. This tumor is a soft, fleshy mass that resembles a part of the brain called the medulla. They can occur at any age, but it usually affects women whose age are above 40.

Papillary Carcinoma of the Breast

They are account for less than 1% to 2% of invasive breast cancers. In most cases, they are usually diagnosed in older age women.

Cribriform Carcinoma of the Breast

In the invasive cribriform carcinoma, the cancer cells grow in the connective tissues of the breast between the ducts and lobules. It is low grade tumor therefore cells look normal. It is not described as dangerous.

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