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Breast Cancer Awareness Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, Breast Cancer Ribbon and Prevention of Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, to emphasize the significance of breast cancer awareness, research, and education a global yearly campaign including thousands of organizations. It is a campaign that is organized every year to spread the knowledge about the symptoms, causes, cure, and prevention of breast cancer, through this campaign the fund is for breast cancer patients for their proper cure and treatment. Every year the campaign starts on October 1st and ends on October 31st.

Some events are organized worldwide in October, in these events people walk and run together, and the famous buildings are illuminated in pink color.


Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Breast cancer campaign was first organized in 2015 in the United Kingdom. It is a charity for breast cancer research. Later this Campaign combined with another charity, Breakthrough Breast cancer

Breast cancer campaign is an effort made to minimize the stigma of breast cancer and to educate the people about the symptoms and cure of breast cancer. The primary purpose of this effort is to detect breast cancer at the early stage so that it can be the cure on time. Through this campaign funds are raised from around the world for the patients of breast cancer.

The primary tasks that are done through breast cancer awareness campaign every year in October are:

Raising funds for the patients of breast cancer around the world.

Spreading awareness of self-examination of the body in females of schools, colleges, universities, offices and the women who are housewives.

Try to get educated the people about the risking facts of breast cancer.

Expressing the honor and the moral support for the breast cancer patients.


Breast Cancer Ribbon (Pink Ribbon)

Breast Cancer Awareness is internationally symbolized by the pink ribbon. When a person wears a Pink ribbon, it means she or he is giving honor and presenting her or his moral support for the patients who have breast cancer around the world. October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in which the Pink ribbons are seen generally.

A fact is little known that the breast cancer awareness ribbon was peach at first, not pink.

The first women who first wore the pink ribbon were Charlotte Hayley from Simi Valley, California. She also had breast cancer.

Charlotte Haley made pink ribbons by hand while sitting in her dining room and distributed these to the people with the message to motivate them for emphasizing the National Cancer Institute to spend more money into the prevention, cure, and treatment of breast cancer patients in 1991.

An editor in chief of Self magazine, Alexandra Penney got interested towards the Charlotte Haley’s peach colored ribbon. Because she was working on the issue of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month for self-magazine in 1992 and she thought that she could get a huge marketing benefit by linking Charlotte Haley’s idea of Pink Ribbon.

But Hayley didn’t agree because she felt that the Self-magazine is too commercial. The offer was saying that Self’s initiative was too commercial.

When they people couldn’t get the copyright to use Haley’s peach colored ribbon then they used their pink ribbons, their idea got famous and became the international symbol of breast cancer awareness.


How to Prevention from Breast Cancer?

There are two ways from which can prevent a woman from breast cancer:

Self-Examination of Breasts

When a woman hears about breast cancer, all she wants to know is how can she stop herself from it. Because early precautionary measures can keep herself save from an afterward significant disease. When we talk about prevention of breast cancer the first and the most critical step is regular self-examination. The slight attention of a woman towards her body can give her vast benefit.

Adult women of all ages should self-examine their breasts at least once a month.


How can a Woman Self Examine her Breasts?

Here are the main steps for Self-Examination of breasts:

While Taking Shower

Touch your both breasts and armpits with your fingers and feeling for the hardened or thickening knot or any lump. If you find these kinds of any changes, then do not ignore them and consult your doctor.

Into the Mirror

Look at your breasts into the mirror with your arms down and then, raise your arms upward overhead.

Notice for any changing in the color, shape, or depth of the skin, or some swelling in the nipples. Next, put your palms on your back and give some pressure to stretch your chest muscles. If left and right breasts do not precisely match with each other, then it’s okay, because in few women it is common to look for any other changing like puckering or dimpling specifically on one side.

Lying Down

The breast tissue spreads out equally with the walls of the chest while laying down. Take a pillow and put it behind your head under your right arm and right shoulder. Move your left hand’s fingers around your right breast slowly in circular motion do this same with the right armpit. Put some pressure on the nipples for checking the lumps and discharge.

Repeat the same steps for the left breast and left armpit

Avoid Risking Factors

Some major risk factors, such as genetics and inheritance, can’t be changed. However, some changes in your lifestyle can lower the risk of breast cancer.

Here following are some steps that can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Regular Exercise

As we know about the benefits of regular exercise for human health but it also reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. It strengthens the immune system which helps the body to resist the infections of cancer. It also manages the estrogen and progesterone levels in the blood and keeps a woman in balanced weight.


Breastfeeding plays a significant role in the prevention of breast cancer, as it activates the internal functioning of breasts, that reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol lowers the folate level in the body that increases the risk of breast cancer. Folate fights against cancer. If folate level decreases, there is a risk of developing cancer. So, alcohol should be avoided by reducing the risk of breast cancer

Avoid Unnecessary Radiation Exposure

Researches show that the radiation exposures like computerized tomography in which high doses of radiations are used are connected with the risk of breast cancer. Limit the disclosure of highly radiated tests to control the risk. Have a check only when it is highly needed.

Eat Healthy Food

A balanced diet not only can reduce the chances of breast cancer but also can reduce the other kinds of cancers as well. There is strong evidence that our diet plays the most significant role in our body. We think it can be fruit, vegetables or meat that has a leading role in a balanced diet that can help in the prevention of breast cancer, but these are not, the only calories that are important. The only change you can make in your diet to reduce the risk of breast cancer is the maintenance of calories.

Besides calories, natural food such as plant-based food including vegetables, fruit, and grains are breast cancer-reducing diet.

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