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How Beneficial Artificial Intelligence is for E-Commerce Industry? Artificial Intelligence Benefits and Artificial Intelligence Future


 AI is a concept that was once associated only with Sci-Fi, future, and robots. However, those times have passed and how Artificial Intelligence or AI is considered an imperative concept for all major aspects of life. It is slipping gradually into our routine lives with the help of our smart phones, vehicles, other machines that we use. The concept that was once considered a part of future has now become an existing reality. AI can be seen everywhere in the present world. From our security systems to the entertainment sites, AI influences everything. In fact, it is further growing with every passing day and becoming capable of performing tasks that are more complex.


One of the aspects of our lives that have been largely influenced by AI is business and marketing. A larger part of buyer and seller interaction for businesses is now handled by automated systems that respond to the buyers and guide them regarding different queries. This has become possible because of digitization of the companies and marketplaces. Companies interact with their customers and potential buyers through emails, phones, and other online platforms more rather than having face-to-face interaction. The digitalized formats of e-commerce are convenient compared to the previous business structure, yet AI is making it even more convenient. Artificial Intelligence is reshaping e-commerce industry fast. This article is to address all the major benefits that e-commerce industry is having or will have, by integrating artificial intelligence.


Personalization of Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence can efficiently detect behavioral patterns and record the searched keywords that makes it possible for e-commerce to provide users a personalized customer experience. Human beings cannot be as accurate as AI when it comes to observe and memorize specific customers’ preferences. AI, on the other hand, can keep a record of how a specific buyer behaved while buying a certain product or simply browsing the internet on their smart phones. This AI feature makes it possible for the companies to understand their potential customers better and serve each of them with a more personalized experience. B2B networks such as eBay, eWorldTrade, and Amazon, implement these techniques for improving customer experience.


Customer Services

Chabot’s are one of the most amazing advancements in the AI industry and the industry that benefited from it the most is e-commerce. The need of a human being to be there to guide the customers about the simplest of the procedures is no longer there. They save a lot of business revenue, as Chabot’s are onetime investment. Moreover, AI has made it possible for the businesses to receive payments without having the need of a human to deal with payments. These features of AI makes it possible for the eCommerce websites conduct the tasks of an accountant and make transactions without any human assistance.Many successful b2b networks such as eWorldTrade are using this AI feature for optimizing customer support.


Optimized Search Results

B2B websites like eWorldTrade and other ecommerce websites can cater its customers better with the help of optimized search results. The websites have thousands of products and each visitor can search for their specific product and present them with all the related options. However, AI can further enhance the functionality of an optimized search result by recording the search behavior of the customers and analyzing it. AI optimizes the search results with more relatable options and helps the customer find exactly what they are looking for.


Targeting Potential Buyers

Artificial Intelligence make it much easier to target the potential customers for businesses. The businesses can come up with better marketing solutions and know what type of information they need to present to a certain customer with the help of AI. They can have an understanding about the similarities among the buyers of a certain product and recommend it to a specific potential buyer with similar characteristics.


Demographics and AI

AI allows eCommerce businesses analyze customers based on their locations and forecast their buying decisions by using the information. The information can also be used for recommending products and sending relevant ads through different online social platforms.


Safer Business Interactions

AI makes the overall business dealings securer by detecting the patterns and analysis a dealer profile from every angle. AI is more effective compared to human abilities to detect a fraud because it has a better observation along with a more functional memory. AI based systems are almost invincible when it comes to security and thus, the chances of any loss by fraud ceases with AI.



AI has the capability to record behaviors and actions for extensive time duration. This allows it to predict steps for different tasks that have been performed repeatedly. It does not only predict but also perform different repetitive tasks on its own, making the overall process faster. For instance, an AI based eCommerce system can offer discounts to the customers who buy from the site frequently. It can also perform similar scheduled tasks on its own for different platforms.


AI is continuously growing and making eCommerce more advanced every day. The technology is capable of handling huge transactions and billions of customers in no time. It is often assumed the AI is making human beings miserable by taking away their jobs but it seems that reality is different from this assumption. AI is helping humankind grow further by allowing them to focus on important aspects of business, and of life, by completing many time consuming tasks. Futurists and scientists are certain that AI will continue to dominate the field of eCommerce and its influence on the field will not going to decline anywhere in the near future.

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