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Bad News: Bankers Shall Perform Duties on Election 2018, Latest Pakistan News, Click for details



Karachi: Election Commission of Pakistan is preparing the list of polling personnel for general election 2018. Election Commission of Pakistan has send notification to State Bank of Pakistan for seeking administrative support of the bank employees. The bankers shall perform special duties on Election 2018.


State Bank of Pakistan has notified to all banks that specific employees will perform polling duties on 25th July 2018. SBP notified that the decision has been taken due to shortage of staff.


This is the first time in Pakistan, thousands of bankers shall perform polling duties on General Election 2018. Bankers shall pay handsome stipend for the duty. Election Commission of Pakistan has required the list of bank employees on appended format 18th July 2018 at sharp.


  • Department/Organization Name
  • Name of the Officers/Officials
  • Designation with OG or otherwise
  • CNIC Number of the official
  • Contact Number
  • Place of Posting (Branch)


According to Election Commission of Pakistan, 735,000 polling staff are require to scrutiny the district election. It is a big news where bank employees shall perform equal duties on polling stations.


It is a big challenge for the bank employees. They had not performed such duties in the past. ECP said that a comprehensive training shall be given to the polling staff to meet the challenges.


Government and Private sector employees shall perform special polling duties in the General Election 2018 results. Election Commission of Pakistan said that good reputed staff shall require for polling duties.


When is election Day 2018?

25th July 2018, the day of election 2018. General Election 2018 shall conduct on 25th July 2018 (Wednesday).


Bank employees showed a great concern with regards to special duties on election. Bank staff are not willing to perform polling duties on the Election. Bankers shall perform duties on election.


Pakistan General Election 2018 results.


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